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How to Avoid Jail after a OWI in Indiana

Oct 13, 2020 in Alcohol, OWI, Traffic Violations

Almost everyone charged with drunk driving spends some time in jail after their arrest. The good news is that relatively few people are sentenced to time behind bars after their conviction for operating while intoxicated (OWI). Incarceration is only mandatory after an OWI is when…

Underage Drinking Dismissed for College Student

Jun 12, 2020 in Alcohol, Case Results

When a 20-year-old was cited for underage drinking at a party, attorney Hessler acted fast to protect his record. By negotiating with the prosecutor, he arranged to have the citation dismissed. This kept the infraction from affecting his client’s record. The outcome of an individual…

Diversion for Minor in Possession of Alcohol

May 22, 2020 in Alcohol, Case Results, Criminal Defense

Attorney Sean Hessler assisted a 20-year-old college student after being stopped for walking around campus, holding a beer. A misdemeanor conviction for underage drinking put this student’s record and license at risk, in addition to paying several hundred dollars in fines. Attorney Hessler had his…