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Criminal Defense


Indiana Sentencing Recommendations

Jun 21, 2021 in Criminal Defense

The state of Indiana has specific sentencing guidelines in place. The judge uses these guidelines during a trial. They set a range for how long a person should be sentenced. It details how high your fines could be as well. The judge is under no…

Person talking to lawyer with paperwork

5 Ways a Criminal Defense Lawyer Helps Your Case

Mar 24, 2021 in Criminal Defense

When you are charged with a crime in Indianapolis, hiring a capable defense lawyer can be one of the best steps you can take to protect your future. But how, exactly, does a criminal defense attorney help your case? It’s understandable to have questions about…

Justice statue with scales in front of gavel

How to Expunge Your Record In Indiana?

Dec 21, 2020 in Criminal Defense, Legal Blog

A criminal record follows you everywhere. It could be limiting your job opportunities, despite being qualified. Even long after a past mistake, you might still feel like you’re being penalized. So why can’t your criminal record stop holding you back? If you are interested in…

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GPS Monitoring in Indianapolis

Nov 23, 2020 in Criminal Defense, Legal Blog

Everyone has seen someone around town wearing an ankle monitor. And while these less than fashionable accessories are more common than ever in Indianapolis, if you need to sport a GPS monitor as a condition of your release, you better know the terms. If you…