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Track Your Cell Phone? Search Warrant Needed

Nov 16, 2016 in Criminal Defense, Legal Blog

According to a recent ruling by Indiana’s Court of Appeals, the police need to obtain a search warrant before tracking your movements through your cell phone. While this is an important step towards protecting the people’s right to privacy, the issue has yet to be…

Mental Health Court Offers Alternatives to Jail

Oct 14, 2016 in Criminal Defense, Legal Blog

The Marion County Jail is over capacity, housing at least 900 inmates. More than one-third of these individuals suffer from mental health issues, according to WFYI Indianapolis. In some situations, the inmates’ mental health is closely linked to the crimes that led to their incarceration….

Backpage Police Stings

Sep 22, 2016 in Criminal Defense, Legal Blog, Sex Crimes

If you have been accused of prostitution, you are likely worried about the consequences that could follow. If convicted, you could face penalties such as prison time and steep fines. In addition, you will have to register as a sex offender once you are released…