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DUI Breath Tests Without Warrants

Jun 06, 2016 in Alcohol, Criminal Defense, Legal Blog, OWI

It’s important for every Indiana driver to understand their rights if they are pulled over under the suspicion of drunk driving. Of course, we want our officers to keep our roads safe and catch people who break the law, but not everyone pulled over is…

Criminal Justice Overhaul

May 18, 2016 in Criminal Defense, Drug Charges, Legal Blog, OWI

It’s not every day that Republicans and Democrats come together to unveil positive change in the criminal justice system. But just last month, a bipartisan group of legislators announced what amounts to a criminal justice overhaul. Through legislation that reduces prison sentences for non-violent drug…

Dealing Marijuana Extract

May 13, 2016 in Criminal Defense, Drug Charges, Legal Blog, Marijuana

An arrest warrant was recently released for a 26-year-old resident of Schererville, Indiana, for dealing THC extract, also known as marijuana extract or hash oil. He faces two felony counts for dealing a controlled substance, another felony count for dealing marijuana, and misdemeanor charges related…