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Old Probation Violations Dismissed

Apr 22, 2019 in Case Results, Criminal Defense

A 52-year-old truck driver moved out of Indiana, but after many years he found himself charged with failing several probation violations. Unaware of his obligation, he was now facing two years in the department of correction and enlisted attorney Hessler. Sean Hessler aggressively fought for…

Lady justice and gavel on top of open book

Collateral Consequences of a Criminal Conviction in Indiana

Mar 27, 2019 in Criminal Defense, Legal Blog

Most people understand the possible penalties of a criminal conviction in Indiana could include fines, probation, and even incarceration. But criminal convictions – even misdemeanors – can result in additional consequences that could affect your livelihood, reputation, and relationships. Because the damage of a criminal…

Dismissal in Battery Case

Mar 22, 2019 in Battery, Case Results, Criminal Defense

Not long ago, a 34-year-old painter was charged with multiple crimes stemming from an argument with his wife where he allegedly attempted to drive away, dragging her with the car. This exposed him two and a half years behind bars for a Level 6 felony…