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Drug Charges

Grey concrete and metal walls of prison

Indianapolis Pretrial Options for Drug Charges

Jul 12, 2021 in Drug Charges

Have you been arrested and charged with a drug-related crime? If so, you may be facing severe criminal penalties. Your drug lawyer at Hessler Law PC could help you explore your defense options. Defense options include enrolling in a pretrial diversion program. Contact our office…

Spilled jar of dried marijuana

Is Marijuana Legal in Indiana? Not So Fast

May 22, 2021 in Drug Charges, Marijuana

As other states move forward with marijuana legalization, Indiana falls further behind. Marijuana is definitely still illegal in Indiana. And it is one of only 14 states with no medical marijuana law and one of 19 that still puts people in jail for simple marijuana…

Treatment In Lieu of Jail for Felony Drug Charges

Mar 18, 2020 in Case Results, Drug Charges

Attorney Hessler recently helped a man struggling with drug addiction when he was charged with an F2 felony for possession with intent to distribute (PWID). Apparently, the police were investigating someone else for selling meth, but our client was witnessed tossing a bag of narcotics….

Felony Meth Charges Reduced

Feb 07, 2020 in Case Results, Drug Charges

When a 55-year-old federal employee was charged with possession of meth and a syringe after a traffic stop, Attorney Hessler stepped in to help keep him out of jail and save his job. We negotiated to enroll him into treatment and agreed to one year…