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Theft Charge Dismissed for Falsely Accused Employee

Jul 10, 2020 in Case Results, Theft

We recently helped a 20-year old retail worker when she was accused of stealing by her employer. Apparently, she was under investigation for undercharging customers and when confronted about it, her employer claimed she confessed. After she was charged with retail theft, attorney Hessler got…

Reduced Penalties for Shoplifting Caught on Camera

Jul 03, 2020 in Case Results, Theft

When a man was seen on camera leaving a store with merchandise, there didn’t seem to be a lot of hope when he was charged with retail theft. Despite the video evidence, attorney Hessler effectively dealt with the situation and resolved the matter favorably. By…

Drug Treatment & Probation for VOP

May 15, 2020 in Case Results, Criminal Defense, Theft

Attorney Hessler recently helped a previous client after a probation violation almost sent him to jail. The 26-year-old was arrested for shoplifting and charged with a felony because of his record in addition to a VOP. Attorney Hessler knew the young man’s problem stemmed from…

Diversion for Retiree Charged with Shoplifting

Apr 03, 2020 in Case Results, Criminal Defense, Theft

A 67-year-old was recently charged with shoplifting. Apparently the store’s Loss Prevention Officer witnessed the act and recorded it on video. The client was exposed to a theft conviction, possible time in custody, and significant fines. Attorney Hessler reviewed the materials, negotiated for a reduced…

Shoplifting Resolved with Small Fine

Feb 26, 2020 in Case Results, Theft

Not long ago, we helped, we helped a 20-year-old woman charged with shoplifting. Apparently, there was a video of the incident and the young woman confessed to the Loss Prevention Officer who stopped her. Despite this, attorney Hessler fought for the best possible result and…

Felony Theft Charge Ends with Dismissal

Aug 16, 2019 in Case Results, Felony Charges, Theft

A 19-year-old student was charged with Level six felony theft after allegedly breaking into a car and stealing. This exposed him to up to two and a half years in prison. Fortunately, Indianapolis theft attorney Sean Hessler discovered that he wasn’t caught in the act,…