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Landlord Sees Felony Criminal Confinement Reduced to a Misdemeanor

Jul 23 2018, by Sean Hessler in Case Results, Criminal Defense

Recently, an Indiana landlord received reports of one of his tenants acting erratically, causing concern for the safety of the rest of the people living in the building. Instead of calling the police to help with the matter, he placed a padlock on the door, and left the tenant in his unit. The tenant called the police, and when they arrived, the landlord admitted to installing the lock. As a result, he was charged with a level six felony for criminal confinement. Knowing the serious nature of this offense, he reached out to Hessler Law, PC for help.

With the help of attorney Sean Hessler, the landlord plead the charge down to a misdemeanor. As a result, he was sentenced to one year of non-reporting probation.

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