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Man Sees Disorderly Conduct Charge Dismissed After Vaping in a Bar

22 August 2017 | Alcohol,  Case Results,  Criminal Defense,  

Attorney Sean Hessler

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Sean Hessler

22 August 2017

Alcohol,  Case Results,  Criminal Defense,  

When a 24-year-old got himself in a tough, but relatable situation when an altercation in a bar resulted in misdemeanor charges for public intoxication and disorderly conduct, he knew he’d need experienced legal representation. Apparently, the man was vaping in a bar, which is not permitted according to Indiana’s smoking laws and when two bar employees approached him, things turned physical. The situation eventually spilled outside and in plain view of nearby police officers, who determined he was too inebriated. Not wanting to see these offenses negatively affect his life, he retained the services of Indianapolis attorney Sean Hessler.
Criminal defense attorney Sean Hessler began investigating the confrontation that led to his client’s legal trouble and attempted to contact the two bar employees involved. These individuals did not want to co-operate and as a result, their statements to police could not be used. Without this evidence, the disorderly conduct offense was dismissed, leaving the single public intoxication charge. In the end, attorney Hessler effectively reached an agreement where his client agreed to admit to public intoxication with no term of probation and the sole requirement to complete 32 hours of community service.

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