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That’s where family law attorney Sean Hessler can help. At Hessler Law, we help Indiana families of all shapes and sizes to face and address whatever challenges arise, particularly those involving child support and custody, paternity, adoption, CHINS, and other family law matters.

Attorney Sean Hessler has extensive experience working with families in difficult times. With extensive criminal defense and juvenile law experience, Sean knows all too well that family law often intertwines with family issues. That’s why he works to protect families across Marion County and throughout Indiana.

Our compassionate approach to family law is what helps us resolve cases quickly, and with as little financial and emotional impact on you as possible.

To learn more about how an Indianapolis family lawyer from Hessler Law can help, schedule a free consultation at (317) 886-8800 or contact us online. If you’re still making a decision on what family law attorney to use, read our 30+ 5 star reviews from happy clients.

Why Work with an Indianpolis Family Law Attorney?

Many people try to handle complicated family law matters without a lawyer. Unfortunately, they usually find themselves quickly over their heads or with an outcome that’s not in their or their family’s best interest.

You Need Your Own Family Lawyer

First and foremost, by hiring an Indianapolis family lawyer, you have someone who knows the ins and outs of the local Marion County family court. This saves you time and hassle when you almost assuredly need to appear. It also spares you from having to figure out the court rules and processes on your own.

Secondly, a family lawyer protects your rights and explains your options. When you go it alone or try to rely on someone else’s lawyer, you are usually doing yourself a disservice.

The other side’s lawyer may not tell you everything or suggest that something is in your best interest, who the opposite is true. By hiring your own family attorney, you benefit from their knowledge, skills, experience, and most importantly their commitment to you.

A local Indianapolis family lawyer is also your best way to access and benefit from various Marion County family resources that you would not otherwise have.

Family Lawyers Experienced in Difficult Situations

Another reason to hire an attorney is for their objectivity. Family matters are difficult because there is no way to entirely separate the law from your emotions. You may have very strong feelings about your custody case, but a family attorney can explain what you can really expect and what the law allows.

When you work with an Indianapolis family lawyer from Hessler Law, you get our honest and unbiased analysis. Sean will clearly explain the best and worst-case scenarios and odds of success.

Our Family Lawyers Want What's Best For You

Our commitment to being honest and upfront about what you can expect is the least we can do for someone going through a difficult family issue. But our goal is your protection and that also means securing the best possible outcome.

We are no-nonsense when it comes to the result you need out of your case. And our family lawyers deliver results with tenacity, efficiency, and the highest standards of professionalism.

Family Law Issues Our Lawyers Can Help With

At Hessler Law, we help individuals with a wide range of family law matters:


Before you can deal with child custody and child support, you must establish paternity. If the father of your child refuses to admit paternity, then we may go to court to require him to submit to a genetic test. Also, if you are a child’s father and the mother is refusing visitation, call us. We are prepared to fight for your rights as a father, including shared custody or parenting time.

Child Custody & Child Support

If you have any questions or problems regarding child custody and support, contact an Indianapolis family lawyer right away. We can help you fight for custody and parenting time (for mothers and fathers), and seek appropriate child support. Attorney Hessler is here to help in whatever way is best for your family. Many times, these matters can be settled through mediation and negotiations. But, we’ll also fight for what is right for you and your child in court. We are also prepared to help seek an appropriate custody or support modification and resolve relocation disputes.

Grandparents’ Rights

There are limited situations in which grandparents in Indiana can seek visitation with their grandchildren. Visitation is typically based on the grandparents’ previous contact with the child and the child’s best interests. If you are a grandparent and you are being kept away from your grandchild, contact Hessler Law today.

Probate Law

Deciding what happens to your property after you pass away is perfectly natural. To protect what you worked hard for, it is critical to speak with an experienced family attorney. A lawyer can walk you through the probate process, the available estate planning options, and what works best for you.

Guardian ad Litem

During a family matter, it may be important to obtain an objective opinion regarding what is best for your child. This typically means having the court appoint a guardian ad litem. This professional will interview the parties involved, observe the situation, and provide the court with an opinion regarding the child’s best interests. Courts have the discretion to appoint a guardian ad litem, but you or your child’s other parent may request one.

Legal Guardianship

There are many situations in life when you may not be able to take care of your child. You may need another family member to be your child’s guardian until you are healthy and back on your feet. Or, you may be interested in becoming the legal guardian of an elderly family member with a disability. Whatever your interest in guardianship, an Indiana family law attorney can explain your rights and options.


It is wonderful to see a family grow. Our experienced attorneys are here to help with all types of adoptions, including foster care adoption, agency adoption, or private adoption. Hessler Law is also experienced in step-parent, grandparent, and other familial adoptions. Whether you are just beginning to explore adoption or have already begun the process, call a trusted and knowledgable family lawyer.


Another way you may choose to expand your family is through surrogacy. This is a common approach for women who cannot or choose not to carry a fetus and for LGBTQ couples. Whatever your reasons, we are here to explain your rights and options under Indiana law. When you go through surrogacy, you must have a strong and accurate contract with your surrogate. Each party’s rights must be clear to avoid custody and financial disputes.

Child in Need of Services (CHINS)

If you are subject to a Child Protective Services (CPS) investigation, contact an Indiana family law attorney right away. We will protect your rights during an investigation, including to keep your child in your home. If the court determines your child is a CHINS, then we will discuss your next steps, like what you need to do to get your child back.

Neglect of a Dependent

Criminal charges involving children can be sensitive, or they can be blown out of proportion. Whatever your circumstances, when you are charged with neglect of a dependent, you will face life-altering consequences if convicted. You need to get legal help from an experienced Indianapolis criminal neglect defense lawyer who will help protect your family and your future.

Marion County Family Court

The first step in many Indiana family law cases is filing a petition in the Marion County Circuit Court. The petition states explaint=s the issue such as child support or guardianship, the parties involved, and the desired resolution you want from the court.

Once you file a petition, you must give the other party – or parties – legal notice. The opposite is also true. For example, when CPS, files a petition that involves you, then you should receive notice of the case.

Once the appropriate parties are notified, a court date will be scheduled.

Family Court Hearings

If you are both represented by attorneys, then it may be that only your lawyers must attend the hearing. Your lawyer will advise you on the court hearings you need to appear at and those in which they can represent you. Most family matters require more than one court hearing. However, the duration of your case depends on several factors, which your attorney will discuss with you.

During some family matters, particularly child custody, the judge will require you and the other party to attempt to resolve the issue through mediation.

In additon to being an experinced Indianapolis family lawyer, attorney Hesser is a licensed mediator in Indiana. He can represent and guide you through mediation. If you are able to come to an agreement, then this agreement may be approved, modified, or denied by the court.

If you cannot come to an agreement, then we will prepare to argue your point in court.

An Indianapolis Family Lawyer is Ready to Help

To learn more about your specific family law matter, contact Hessler Law. We are here to listen, answer your questions, and address your concerns.

Once we have the facts, we can advise you on the best way to move forward. Whether you are a mother, father, prospective parent, or grandparent, we are here to help your family.

Contact Hessler Law online or call (317) 886-8800 to schedule a free and confidential consultation with a family attorney in Indianapolis, IN.