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Can I Be Charged for Unintentional Credit Card Fraud?

22 November 2017 | Fraud,  Legal Blog,  

Attorney Sean Hessler

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Sean Hessler

22 November 2017

Fraud,  Legal Blog,  

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The specifics of many crimes involving fraud can be confusing, and it is understandable that you may be wondering if it is possible to be found guilty of unintentional credit card fraud. While acts of intentional credit card fraud are generally well-known and understood, other credit card uses may still get you in trouble. Even if you have no intention to steal or defraud someone, there are numerous ways that you could find yourself facing an accusation of fraud for using a credit card.

It’s important to understand that credit card fraud can include situations where the law is violated, but also cases where a lawsuit can occur due to violating of your card’s terms of use. It’s essential to know if you can be charged for Unintentional Credit Card Fraud or not. At Hessler Law, we know how issues of credit card fraud can affect your life, and we understand what is needed to provide you with a proper defense. To speak with an experienced Indianapolis theft lawyer, call us today at (317) 886-8800.

Friendly Fraud

Credit card companies are often very helpful when they receive a report that a customer’s card was used without their permission. If you are a victim of someone stealing your card and using it to buy things, your credit card company will likely remove the charges from your account without much hassle. However, if you have legitimate charges on your account that you seek to have removed by claiming that they are unwarranted, you may be committing what is called “friendly fraud.”

You can also commit friendly fraud by accidentally reporting a charge as fraudulent after the following:

  • Not recognizing a charge due to its name on your transaction history
  • Not recalling a charge, especially if it takes a long time for it to be processed and show up on your account history
  • Not noticing that a charge was legitimately made by a person whom you allowed to borrow or use your credit card

Violation Of Your Credit Card Companies’ Terms

Committing crimes with your credit card violates your card’s terms of use. Credit card fraud is a large criminal field that includes both criminal and civil actions for those convicted of these crimes. Deceiving your credit card company for financial gain is fraud, and you can suffer serious consequences for committing this offense. Examples of these violations include:

  • The card being used by someone other than the designated card holder. Actions such as using someone else’s card, or signing on their behalf, will often violate the terms of use. If you dispute these charges at a later time, it can be considered fraud.
  • Lying on your credit card application. Many times people exaggerate their income on their application to get a higher limit on a new credit card. You can be facing criminal charges for this especially if you default on your payments.

Unintentional Credit Card Fraud Can Result In Serious Legal Issues

While theft of a credit card is widely understood to be a serious crime, maybe people fail to understand how serious credit card fraud can be. Even for credit card fraud that results from unintentional violations, you face criminal charges or civil action from your credit card company. Successfully defending yourself from an accusation of credit card fraud can help you avoid large fines, limitations to your future credit, and even jail time.

Hessler Law has years of experience defending people against serious charges, and an experienced credit card fraud lawyer can help clear your name if you are accused of credit card fraud. Contact our office to speak with a skilled defense attorney about your case.

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