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Addiction Treatment Is More Effective Than Jail Time for Drug Crimes

28 July 2017 | Drug Charges,  Legal Blog,  

Attorney Sean Hessler

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Sean Hessler

28 July 2017

Drug Charges,  Legal Blog,  

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Drug crimes are common in Indiana and throughout the United States. While police and prosecutors are often vigorously seeking to imprison drug offenders, there is growing concern that traditional prison sentences are doing very little to help reduce drug crimes. Many police, prosecutors, and medical professionals are now advocating for drug addiction treatment to play a larger role in the fight to reduce drug crimes. While no two drug cases are the same, addiction treatment can be more effective than jail time for many drug cases.

If you or a loved one is facing drug charges, and you would like to consider addiction treatment as a possible alternative to jail time, an experienced and compassionate Indianapolis drug defense lawyer can help. To discuss your options, call Sean Hessler at Hessler Law today at (317) 886-8800.

Drug Treatment Programs

Addiction treatments can be used by the courts to end an offender’s reliance on drugs, and therefore greatly reduce the likelihood of the offender committing a crime again in the future to support their drug habit. Many drug addiction programs in Indiana are now being expanded to include those who are convicted of non-drug crimes. Many people arrested and found guilty of crimes such as theft are actually acting to support their addiction, and there is compelling evidence that overall crime would be reduced if those with drug addictions received treatments instead of simply a jail sentence.

In Marion County, the Superior Courts have created the Re-Entry Court with the goal of reducing criminal recidivism by providing more services to those who need rehabilitation. This has been very effective, and the program has resulted in reduced prison overcrowding and an overall reduction in criminal justice costs to taxpayers. Some of the unique aspects of Marion County Re-Entry Court monitoring program include:

  • Preference is given to offenders with drug addiction and abuse issues
  • Offenders are not subjected to jail time
  • Those involved participate in rehabilitation services undergo regular drug screening
  • Offenders receive resources and assistance in securing housing and employment

While it is difficult to precisely determine how many crimes are the result of drug addiction, law enforcement in St. Joseph County believes that up to 80 of property crimes there are committed by people who want money to buy drugs. Any type of addiction treatment has a great likelihood of reducing the chances that an offender with a drug problem is arrested again in the near future.

Eligibility for Court Ordered Addiction Treatment

If you are facing charges for a crime, you and your defense attorney can discuss if seeking addiction treatment is right for you. If so, then it may be possible for you to be enrolled in a court ordered program and therefore avoid jail time. In Marion County, requirements, in order to be eligible for Re-Entry Court, are:

  • You must be a resident of Marion County at the time of conviction and throughout the duration of the treatment program
  • You must be eligible for early release through a probation or community transitions program
  • You must not have violations of a physical nature
  • You must not have any violations of a sexual nature
  • You must be willing to comply with any other requirements that the court places on your participation in an addiction program, such as submission to regular drug testing

While the court may be open to considering drug addiction treatment in your case, it is still important that you meet accepted criteria for an alternative to jail time. An experienced drug defense lawyer can help if you would like to seek addiction treatment provided with the help of the court.

Hessler Law Can Help If You Face Drug Crime Charges

Drug addiction treatment can save the life of someone who has a dangerous reliance on drugs, and it can be a great benefit to the entire community as well. Because of extremely high rates of repeated crime by drug addicts, courts are now more open to considering alternative sentences for those who are in this situation. If drugs have taken over your life, or the life of someone you love, addiction treatment may be the only way to seek lasting help. Our office has helped many people who have faced serious drug charges, and we can help you and your family during this difficult time.

To speak with an experienced lawyer about your drug charges, and possible addiction treatment in your case, contact us at Hessler Law. Call today at (317) 886-8800.