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Questions You Should Ask Before You Hire a Family Lawyer

28 June 2018 | Family Law,  Legal Blog,  

Attorney Sean Hessler

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Sean Hessler

28 June 2018

Family Law,  Legal Blog,  

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Families often go through difficult situations that require legal attention. When seeking an advisor for your family law case, you should do your research. Such an examination will allow you to ask all the necessary questions before hiring a family lawyer.

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What Should I Ask My Attorney?

Before hiring a family lawyer, ask the following questions:

Do you have experience with cases like mine?
Every case is as different as the client; however, you should make sure your attorney has dealt with plenty of scenarios that are similar to yours. If you are dealing with child support modification or a difficult custody issue, ask your potential lawyer if they’ve ever managed a similar situation. They cannot give you details about other clients, but they can let you know that they are familiar with the relevant laws and potential problems that may occur.

How long does it take you to return calls and emails?
Staying in contact with your family lawyer is important. You will have many questions throughout the process, and you deserve to have answers quickly. Ask your attorney if they are available after typical business hours. Don’t forget to inquire about the best way to contact them. If you have a question on the weekend, will you be able to get in contact with them? Many family law issues are urgent, so you may need advice at times outside of normal business hours.

Will anyone else be handling my case?
Many attorneys use case managers and paralegals to assist with cases. It can be helpful to have multiple people working on your case, but you should make sure they are experienced. If you will be directed to another person at the firm, ask for names and experience levels of those individuals.

How will I be charged?
There are numerous ways that attorneys can charge for their services. Family legal issues usually require an upfront fee; however, you may also have to pay court costs, travel expenses, and more. Attorneys should be clear about their fees at the beginning of the process, and they should be able to provide you with a range that your case type typically costs.

Have you worked in local family courts?
Family court judges and other lawyers are usually familiar with one another and know how to easily negotiate issues. It’s important to work with a family lawyer who knows the other attorneys and court personnel so that they can clearly navigate your case. Many attorneys can contact judges personally and ask questions if there are unexpected issues.

Call a Family Lawyer Today for Help

Finding the right family lawyer can be difficult. You want someone who understands the law, has experience, and gets along with you and your family. You should interview several attorneys before deciding on the individual who can effectively handle your case. To set up a free, initial evaluation of your case, call Hessler Law, PC at (317) 886-8800, or reach out through our online form.