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My Child Was Arrested for Underage Drinking at a Concert

12 February 2020 | Alcohol,  Juvenile Charges,  Legal Blog,  

Attorney Sean Hessler

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Sean Hessler

12 February 2020

Alcohol,  Juvenile Charges,  Legal Blog,  

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For most kids, last weekend was a fun, relaxing chance to hang out with friends – maybe even go to a concert. Unfortunately, these events have a dark side. Hundreds of teens in Indianapolis end up drinking underage. And many wind up in hospitals or under arrest for alcohol-related incidents.

For teens and young adults, an underage drinking arrest can change an otherwise bright future. A criminal record can make college admissions and scholarships hard to get. And they may negatively impact their lives going forward.

This is not to scare parents, but you should take Indiana underage drinking charges seriously. You may think your child doesn’t drink or doesn’t attend concerts where kids drink. However, the reality is shocking.

Underage drinking arrests happen at every major concert in Indianapolis. Underage drinking at concerts has become such a common occurrence that police crackdown at concert venues and other events across the city. Even races like the Indy 500 that attract younger crowds are seeing increases in underage drinking arrests.

If your son or daughter gets arrested for underage drinking at a concert, a party, or anywhere in Indianapolis, get legal help right away. You can deal with these situations, and your child’s record can be protected. Call Hessler Law at (317) 886-8800 for a free consultation.

What Should I Do? My Child Got Arrested for Underage Drinking?

If your son or daughter got arrested at a concert or party for underage drinking, it’s tempting to think that the consequences will end at home. After all, it’s “no big deal,” right?

The reality, though, is that as a misdemeanor, they can lose your license, be sentenced to probation or community service, owe a fine, or even face actual jail time. This is especially true if they had a fake I.D.

Therefore, an underage drinking arrest is nothing to laugh off. You need to take the charges seriously and put up the best defense available. As a result, this will let you minimize the long-term consequences of a youthful mistake.

How a Lawyer Can Help Underage Drinking Charges

While many people have consumed alcohol underage (and gotten away with it), any arrest is still a big deal, even if it may not seem like it at the time. An experienced Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer can work with the prosecution to reduce the consequences.

Working with a lawyer early on could be the difference in being eligible for an expungement or keeping the incident off their record altogether. In some cases, by reviewing what led to the arrest, your son or daughter may even see the charges dismissed or reduced.

Reviewing some examples of how we’ve helped people deal with underage drinking charges may be helpful.

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No matter the situation, remember that underage drinking can have consequences that follow your child to adulthood. Make sure that you and your family are not needlessly struggling alone.

Get an experienced Indianapolis lawyer with a background in underage and juvenile offenses on your side. We will help every step of the way.

Call Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer Sean Hessler today at (317) 886-8800 to set up a free consultation. Attorney Hessler will discuss your child’s situation, what you and they are up against, and how he can help.