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Underage Drinking Case Diverted For College Student Arrested At Concert

19 November 2015 | Alcohol,  Case Results,  

Attorney Sean Hessler

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Sean Hessler

19 November 2015

Alcohol,  Case Results,  

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One night at a rowdy concert, a young Indianapolis college student found himself in an unfortunate situation. The underage man was drinking an alcoholic beverage without thinking about the ramifications if he were caught. Police officers saw him drinking and after realizing he was underage, arrested him on the spot. He was consequently charged with illegal possession of alcohol. Underage drinking is a serious charge for a student in school. With this in mind, the young man turned to Hessler Law P.C. for help from an Indianapolis criminal defense attorney in his first ever offense.

Lawyer Sean Hessler represented the student who grew more concerned as he learned he could be punished in adult court with harsh fines and even jail time. Hessler defended his client, arguing that this was a first offense that would be unlikely to occur again. His client was able to get the case diverted with a fine. As long as he stays out of further trouble, his case will be dismissed.

The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case.