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OWVI and Drug Charges Dismissed After a Traffic Stop

18 August 2017 | Case Results,  Drug Charges,  OWI,  

Attorney Sean Hessler

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Sean Hessler

18 August 2017

Case Results,  Drug Charges,  OWI,  

During a routine traffic stop for speeding, officers claimed to smell marijuana and that the 25-year-old male driver appeared to be under the influence. This led to the discovery of a small amount of marijuana and he was subjected to breathe and blood tests. Although, the results of these tests showed a .00 BAC, the man was charged with OWVI and possession of marijuana. Distressed about the possible penalties, which include large fines, a license suspension, and incarceration, not to mention lingering convictions on his record, the man decided to speak with Hessler Law, PC and a knowledgeable Indianapolis criminal defense attorney.

Attorney Sean Hessler began reviewing all the evidence and began pursuing a favorable outcome for his client. His investigation revealed that that tests performed were not specific for marijuana and after attorney Hessler conveyed this oversight to the prosecution, it was clear that the state could not support the OVWI at trial. This left the sole charge of possession of marijuana and during further and intensive negotiations, attorney Hessler achieved a complete dismissal and his client was free to go, relieved of all legal concerns.

The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case.