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31 January 2023 | OWI,  

What Does a 3rd DUI Mean for You in Indiana?

Getting a DUI can be stressful, especially if you’ve had multiple in the past. A third DUI can result in severe penalties that are made even worse if there are aggravating factors. However, you could possibly avoid some of the…

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19 April 2021 | OWI,  

Indiana DUI Driving Privileges

In the state of Indiana, drunk driving is a serious offense. It is known as operating a vehicle while intoxicated. You may be surprised to learn that you could avoid the penalties of an OWI. One of the best options…

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12 February 2021 | Legal Blog,  OWI,  

5 Myths About Indiana OWIs

Driving under the influence (DUI), or operating while intoxicated (OWI) as it is called in Indiana is a serious charge with serious consequences. An OWI conviction can result in steep fines, a suspended license, jail time, getting fired, and a…

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13 March 2020 | Case Results,  OWI,  

OVWI Reduced to Public Intox

A 25-year-old warehouse manager was charged with an OVWI after a single-car accident. When the police arrived, the individual was far from the vehicle, but holding the car keys. Hessler Law PC criminal defense attorneys argued that someone else was…

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