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Felony Possession of Marijuana And Other Charges Reduced For Indianapolis Man

14 October 2015 | Case Results,  Drug Charges,  

Attorney Sean Hessler

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Sean Hessler

14 October 2015

Case Results,  Drug Charges,  

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A 20-year-old man was charged with a Class D felony dealing marijuana, Class D felony possession of marijuana , and a misdemeanor for driving while suspended. An officer stopped the man at a traffic light for his bad license plates when he allegedly smelled weed in his car. Immediately, the car was searched for drugs. Based on the large amount of marijuana and cash that was discovered in his pocket, the officer could only assume he was dealing.

With previous possession of marijuana charges, the 20-year-old restaurant worker took his concerns to our criminal defense attorneys in Indianapolis, desperate for a strong representation. Under attorney Sean Hessler’s lead, the case was taken to Marion County court.

Fighting hard for his client, Hessler was strategic in his defense. He claimed the officer overcharged him and the evidence leading him to believe he was dealing were weak. With the facts on his side, he convinced the prosecutor. He pled down to possession. Our client left with a reduced charge of a Class A misdemeanor for possession of marijuana. The result of this was a 180-day probation period rather than jail. There were no further penalties for his license suspension charge but he was not a valid driver at the conclusion of this case.

The outcome of an individual case depends on a variety of factors unique to that case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any similar or future case.