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What Does a Child Protective Services (CPS) Social Worker Do?

10 July 2018 | Children Services,  Legal Blog,  

Attorney Sean Hessler

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Sean Hessler

10 July 2018

Children Services,  Legal Blog,  

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Child Protective Services (CPS) social workers are at the front line of Indiana’s child welfare system. One part of their job is to identify and document child abuse and neglect. The second and perhaps most important part of a CPS social worker’s job is to find appropriate services to help parents and children stay together.

There is nothing routine about legal matters involving children who may be abused or neglected. If you are currently undergoing a CPS investigation and the custody of your children is at stake, contact an experienced CHINS lawyer in Indianapolis today.

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Protecting Indiana’s Children

According to the Indiana Department of Child Services, its ultimate goal is to protect children from further abuse or neglect and prevent, remedy, or assist in solving problems that may result in the abuse, neglect, exploitation, or delinquency of children.

To work toward achieving this goal, CPS social workers often counsel families in the system and refer family members to other services, such as drug rehabilitation, psychological counseling, and parenting classes.

Unfortunately, the reality is that some parents cannot work through the issues preventing them from adequately caring for their children while the children are in the home. In those cases, CPS social workers must identify foster families who can provide a safe place while the parents work through their parenting plan with the goal of reunification.

Contact an Indianapolis CHINS Lawyer

There are a variety of reasons why a family may have an open case with the Indiana Department of Child Services. Often, these cases arise because parents do not understand the services available to help them properly care for their children.

Our Indianapolis CHINS lawyers at Hessler Law, PC know that parents never imagine themselves in an abuse or neglect case. We will work tirelessly to defend your case and to provide you the peace of mind you’ll need to exercise your parenting plan successfully.

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