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Indianapolis Probate Lawyer

Thinking about you own mortality is never easy, but protecting your loved ones’ financial security and your property after you pass away are necessary realities. Effectively planning your estate and selecting a trusted executor with help from an experienced Indianapolis probate lawyer can make all the difference and provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your affairs are in order.

At Hessler Law PC, we provide comprehensive estate planning services in Indiana and strive to make our clients feel at ease as we work together to understand your unique financial situation and how to achieve your objectives.

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Probate Law in Indiana

If you pass away without a properly implemented estate plan, you will essentially make the state of Indiana responsible for all of your assets. Your assets will be distributed according to laws, which may not align with your wishes. Instead of trusting the government with your hard-earned property, it’s best to work with a qualified Indiana probate attorney who can reduce your burden by making appropriate suggestions and ensuring your estate plan is fully enforceable.

Issues for Estate Executors

When someone appoints an executor of their estate, they are trusting that this individual will manage their financial affairs and final wishes in the manner that they elected. This can be an extremely daunting responsibility, especially if probate law and administration are foreign concepts.

There are many things you need to know to fulfill your duties as an executor, including, but not limit to:

  • Indiana Probate Court Process — Learn about the court-supervised process of gathering and appraising an estate’s assets to pay debts, taxes, and ultimately distribute funds to any beneficiaries.
  • Probate for Small Estates — If you are handling assets valued below a certain dollar amount, a simplified procedure may be helpful.
  • Unsupervised Probate – Also known as informal probate, this allows for less scrutiny by the court if the estate has more assets that debts, the will directly authorizes it, or all the parties involved agree.
  • Supervised Probate – Referred to as formal probate, this option requires more direct administration, particularly in cases where the will is vague, heirs are unknown, or the assets are difficult to evaluate.
  • Assets Exempt From Probate – There are certain types of property and assets that do not need to go through probate and can pass directly to the appropriate beneficiary.

An Indianapolis Probate Lawyer Can Help

While wanting to manage someone’s last wishes is noble, an estate executor should not enter into this obligation blindly. For many, the duties of such a demanding process are too much to handle. If you do not meet the probate requirements, for instance, the court may remove you from the position, which can create a whole new degree of uncertainty for the estate.

To avoid possibly mishandling an estate, it is best to consult a knowledgeable legal professional who can effectively handle any probate matters that arise. As an experienced Indianapolis probate lawyer, Sean Hessler can guide you through probate court, advise you which options are available, and will work to ensure that the estate plan you are charged with fulfilling is properly executed.

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