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25-Year-Old Security Guard Facing Felony OVWI Charges Sees Offenses Reduced to Misdemeanors

09 July 2018 | Case Results,  OWI,  

Attorney Sean Hessler

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Sean Hessler

09 July 2018

Case Results,  OWI,  

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Recently, a 25-year-old security guard found himself in danger of losing his job after being charged with two level six felonies for operating a vehicle while intoxicated (OVWI) based on priors. The charges stemmed from a single-vehicle accident in which the man ran into a bridge. After the police showed up to the scene, took him to the hospital, and drew his blood, he admitted he had been drinking and should not have driven.

After retaining the help of Indianapolis criminal defense attorney Sean Hessler, the man took a plea to the level six felony OVWI, and was sentenced to 180 days of probation. After successful completion of this probation, the charge will be reduced to a misdemeanor through alternative misdemeanor sentencing. This was a good result for the client, as he wanted to be back on the road with specialized driving privileges so he could perform the duties of his job.

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